The Very Best Travel Destinations for the Month of April

Planning a getaway in April? Here are the best places to go.

April is a wonderful month to travel. In the Northern Hemisphere, things will be heating up for springtime and the days will be bright and sunny. The rain and the sunshine will make the flowers bloom and will make for more lush and green surroundings in many destinations.

In tropical destinations the peak months will be ending, so you’ll be able to find lower prices and fewer crowds – but the weather will still be pleasant. (However, you’re going to want to avoid most of Southeast Asia as it will be too much to handle – April is the hottest time of year!)

So, here are some of the best places to visit during the month of April.

Kyoto, Japan

Visit Kyoto in April and you’ll catch the brief but beautiful cherry blossom season. For a two week period, this Japanese city will be covered in pale pink flowers. However, the gorgeous blooms are just the icing on the cake – Kyoto has a lot more to enjoy. It is home to over one thousand six hundred historic Buddhist temples, with many of them dating back more than 1000 years.

During your trip you can also visit a historic samurai castle. Nijo Castle is known as the former official residence of the mighty Tokugawa Shoguns, who ruled over Japan for 250 years. Then, go for a stroll in one of the gorgeous gardens, designed to provide a place for samurai shoguns and feudal lords to relax.

Groningen, Netherlands

The Dutch celebrate King Willem-Alexander’s birthday on April 27th every year by throwing huge street parties in almost every city in the Netherlands. You could go to the main event in Amsterdam, but be prepared for expensive accomodation prices and huge crowds. Instead, consider the city of Groningen – which is actually where the Dutch Royal couple will be in attendance for the 2018 celebrations.  

The festivities in Groningen will include performances from Dutch music favourites including De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig and Headhunterz. Everyone will be clad in bright orange and there will be beer tents, dance performances and much more.

Make sure that you plan lots of time to explore Groningen, known as the “Little Brother” to Amsterdam and boasting several excellent parks, theaters, galleries and museums. Also, April will be peak tulip season so as you drive through the countryside you can feast your eyes on a riot of colours.

Lima, Peru

April is the ideal month to visit the Peruvian capital. The temperatures are warm in the daytime and mild in the evening and the chance of rain is very low. Also, it’s the beginning of the off-season so the hotels will be more affordable and there won’t be as many crowds.

Many people visit Lima on their way to Cusco and the legendary Machu Picchu ruins. However, Lima is a city worth exploring in its own right. First of all, the culinary scene is on fire, with talented chefs preparing mouthwatering Peruvian dishes like fresh, tart seafood ceviche and juicy alpaca steaks. Also, you can go paragliding on the stunning beaches, admire the architecture of the historic center and dance the night away at one of the many bars and clubs.

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

By Yellow531Own work, CC, Link

The Salar de Uyuni is a bizarre and beautiful otherworldly landscape – a vast plain of salt stretching to the horizon in all directions. It’s the one of the most incredible natural phenomena in all of South America – the remnants of an evaporated prehistoric sea.

April is the end of the rainy season in Bolivia, which means that the Salar de Uyuni will be covered with a few inches of water – transforming them into a vast, flat mirror. The effect is surreal – the reflection of the sky is so bright and clear that it’s hard to tell which is the real thing.

Can’t get enough flooded Salar de Uyuni photos? Check out the photos in this post by

Ambergris Caye, Belize

If you visit this tiny, tranquil island in Belize in April you’ll enjoy warm and humid weather, but without the risk of major storms. Belize is one of the most affordable destinations in the Caribbean and the beaches are covered in sand as soft and white as sugar.

What to do in Ambergris Caye? Top priority on your agenda should be simply relaxing and soaking up the laid back pace of the island. You can also go snorkeling and scuba diving in the world famous Great Blue Hole (or just fly over and admire it from a helicopter!). Or, you can charter a catamaran and go on a private sunset cruise.

Want more ideas for what to do in Ambergris Caye? Check out these 11 Must-Dos for your first visit to the island.

Sun Peaks, British Columbia, Canada

Think April is too late for a skiing and snowboarding getaway? Not if you head to the mountains of Canada! The British Columbia ski resort town of Sun Peaks will be gearing up for the Snowbombing Festival at the beginning of April.

This celebration features blue skies, fresh air, challenging black diamond runs and hot apres-ski parties. DJs and musicians from all over the world will come to perform, so you can frolic in the fresh powder during the day and dance all night. Known as the “mother of all mountain music festivals,” this April event will show you that Canadians really know how to party.  (You’d better get your tickets for Snowbombing soon, they are almost sold out.)

These are just a few of the best destinations around the world to visit in April. Stay tuned – next month we will let you know where the best spots are to visit in the month of May!

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