About Me

I have spent most of my working life in the aviation industry, the last 30 years working as an airline pilot.  It has been a wonderful career with many great memories.  As I get closer to retirement, I find that my love of travel has become stronger and stronger.  Last year I made a great discovery.  Like many people I was wondering how young entrepreneurs make money selling products and services online.  You know, the claims that you can make money while you sleep.  Well, I decided to combine my experience in the travel industry and an entrepreneurial spirit with the opening of an independent travel agency.  I work under the umbrella of the Avoya Travel Network who provide a travel booking engine and complete customer support.  

 I have been able to drop a few trips here and there as a benefit of making extra money through my online business.  I now  turn one week of vacation into a month long adventure, all while keeping track of my business.   All I need is an internet connection which provides access to Avoya’s booking website and a phone connection from anywhere in the world.   I now travel the world on my owns terms.  The travel agent discounts are a plus also.