The Very Best Travel Destinations for the Month of August

Ah, August. Those long lazy days of late summer can make you feel like booking a flight and going on a travel adventure somewhere new. Heading abroad can break up the summer monotony and give you a taste of something different.

But where?

If you are planning to travel in August, there are certain destinations around the world that will be at their peak. Whether they are in the midst of a fantastic festival, at the ideal point in their shoulder season, or experiencing superb weather (and great prices), here are some of the best travel destinations for the month of August:

Edinburgh, Scotland

travel destinations for the month of august

Edinburgh is a great city to visit at any point in the year – with it’s gorgeous Gothic spires, cozy pubs, green parks and excellent art galleries. However, August is when the Scottish capital really comes to life.

Throughout the entire month it hosts the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the largest celebration of independent theatre in the world. Every corner of the city is transformed into a performance venue, with thousands of shows taking place throughout the month.

Whether you are in the mood to catch a big-name comedian in one of the city’s most iconic venues, or an odd quirky independent musical or one-man show in a random pub, you’ll find a wide range of entertainment during this celebration of creativity.


travel destinations for the month of august

August is the ideal time of year to visit Tanzania – at the end of the rainy season yet before the peak of the stifling heat of summer. Nature lovers will be able to spot the Big Five at one of the many excellent game parks such as Selous and Ruaha.

These game parks are not only packed with wildlife, but have excellent guides and bush camps that are known for their comfortable, well-designed accommodations. After your unforgettable safari experience, head to Rubundo Island in Lake Victoria to go trekking with chimpanzees, or sink your toes into the sand in Zanzibar and the Spice Islands.

Ochos Rios, Jamaicatravel destinations for the month of august

While August is technically part of the wet season in most areas of the Caribbean, many islands only get a small amount of rain during the month. In Ochos Rios, the weather will be warm – perfect for swimming, snorkeling and relaxing on the beach with great food and cold beers.

The usual tourists from Canada and the USA won’t be as likely to head to Jamaica, because the weather is warm back home. So, you can enjoy the sunshine, swimming pools and sandy beaches – without all the crowds.

During this low season, many of the major resorts will offer incredible deals and extras, creating the chance for a luxury Caribbean getaway on a budget.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

travel destinations for the month of august

August is a great opportunity to explore Kuala Lumpur, the huge, multi-cultural capital of Malaysia. This destination is hot throughout the year, but August is one of the most pleasant months. (It might rain a little bit, but it will come in a short burst rather than raining the entire day.)

There’s so much to see and do in Kuala Lumpur (aka. KL). You can spend a full day just wandering from shopping mall to shopping mall – enormous air-conditioned oases packed with retail shops from all over the world. Or, stroll down Jalan Alor (aka. “Food Street”) at sundown and sample everything from spicy noodles to fried chicken to frog porridge (yes, seriously!).


travel destinations for the month of august

A trip to Tahiti in August is a great opportunity to see some of the island’s most awe-inspiring seasonal visitors: humpback whales. These incredible creatures spend their summers around the islands, feeding, breeding and giving birth.

You can also go diving and snorkeling to see even more underwater life – from sharks to manta rays to sea turtles. Plus, the Tahiti Pro Teahupoo Surfing Championships take place from August 10th-21st – and it’s truly impressive to watch the professionals as they effortlessly ride the waves.

The weather in Tahiti in August will be warm and dry, making this a great time to enjoy this South Pacific collection of 118 tiny islands.

Budapest, Hungary

travel destinations for the month of august

While August may not be the cheapest or least crowded time to visit Budapest, it’s certainly the most exciting. This is the season where the Budapest cultural, music and festival scenes are at their peak.

In this ancient city on the Danube River, you can catch the Vajdahunyad Castle Summer Music Festival (from early July to mid-August). It features live music performances of jazz, symphonies and more. Then, there’s St. Stephen’s Day on August 19th-20th, with food stalls, concerts, traditional performances and a spectacular fireworks display.

Meanwhile, there’s also Sziget – a festival that takes place on Ubuda island from August 8-15th. It attracts thousands of visitors to its art shows, film screenings, boat parties, concerts and circus shows. (If you won’t be there for long, check out our tips for making the most of a short visit to a big city.)

Mexico City, Mexico

travel destinations for the month of august

If this huge modern metropolis is not on your travel to-do list, it should be. It is much less dangerous than most people realize and it has world-class museums, superb art galleries, a fantastic food scene and plenty of intriguing historic sights.

Plus, Mexico City enjoys pleasant temperatures during the month of August even though most of the surrounding region becomes uncomfortably hot. You might experience a bit of rain at this time of year, but there are so many cultural attractions to enjoy indoors that this won’t be a problem.

Where Are You Heading This August?

These are just a few of the destinations around the world that are at their sweetest during the month of August. If you are making your travel plans for this month – they are a great place to start.

Do you have any other favorite travel destinations for the month of August? Feel free to share them with me in the comments!


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